Summary: Canon ImageRunner Installation

From: Divyaprakash K.C. <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 01:34:17 EST

This sorted out.Many thanks to

1. Julio I. Pacheco T.
2. Matthew Lee Stier

My problem was....

 >I have a rare combination of printing setup here. I have a  Canon Image
> 2200 printer. I have Solaris 8 , NIS installed.All the user accounts are in
> NIS and they don't have access to their local systems. I have installed the
> 2200 as a NIS printer (standard tcp printer). And it prints postscript
> documents without any problem. But when print any text file, It does not
> properly. The result is only one line printed in a sheet of paper and like
> this it prints many pages. Have any of you faced this kind of problem? Any
> help is much appreciated.

Julio wrote

Maybe the ImageRunner doesn't know how to deal with raw ASCII.
Have you tried using the mp(1), a2ps(1) or enscript(1) print filters?

(mp comes standard in Solaris 8, a2ps and enscript are available from

And Matthew was spot on. And after some R&D I sorted out the problem.


If I have you right, it sounds like the printer is printing ascii text,
but one line per page.

Now days, most printers expect to be attached to Windows desktops.  Thus
they are expecting the CR/LF (Carriage Return/Linefeed) combination to
signify EOL. (End-Of-Line)

Unix systems only use the Linefeed character for EOL.  (Apple uses only
Carriage Return.)

Normally you will here other users complain of their printer stair
stepping.  (ie: The user is printing several short lines, and each
successive line down the page start where the last one ended across the

You have to options.

1) Insert a filter to guess what kind of data you are trying to print,
and do the LF to CRLF munging for you.

2) Specify that the printer is a PostScript only printer.  If you have
properly installed the print filters with lpfilter, the print systems
should take your text file and do a text-to-postscript conversion, and
send it to your printer as PostScript.

Thank you every one in the wonderful list.


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