From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 15:52:20 EDT
Thanks to William D Hathaway, Terry L Moore, Darren Dunham, and Lonnie 
Webb for thier quick responses. The reason was the /var/yp/securenets 
didn't have an entry for the new ip range. Added the range and netmask, 
restarted yp and it worked like a champ.

Thanks for the big help. Sun Managers comes thru again on top !!!!!!


Good Morning,
	I have an issue I am sure is easily resolvable, but for some reason it
escapes me right now. I have looked at documentation and all see to tell
me I should have everything right but no success.

Problem : I have a NIS server on 192.168.0.x range. I am running VLANS
on a 3com switch. I have a machine on the 192.168.4.x range. The machine
can see the NIS server. Even bind to it. Ypwhich yields the NIS server.
But I cannot see any of the NIS maps. When I do a "ypcat anything", it
says "no such map in server's domain".

What am I missing ?

I will summarize if I can get it resolved.


Gary Lopez
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