SUMMARY: NFS Security in Solaris 8

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 18:12:54 EDT
Thanks to all who replied:

Darren Dunham

Anatoliy Lisovskiy


Mark Cain

Special Thanks to Darren Dunham which pointed me to the right direction
towards solving the problem quickly.

Solution was:

Reverse lookup was not setup correctly in DNS. Once that done everything
started working with FQDN.

My Original Question was

Hi Gurus,

I have a NFS Security question:

I am running Solaris 8.

Following is my /etc/dfs/dfstab entry:

/usr/sbin/share -F nfs -o rw=host1:host2,anon=0,ro /dir

even then host1 or host2 can not have write access to /dir

if I try to touch a file to host1 or host2 it gives an obvious  error
:"touch: test cannot create"

but if I replace host1 and host2 with ip addresses everything works

I can ping to host1 and host2 from NFS Server box. Was wondering how
that can happen?

I changed nsswitch.conf to search for dns first and then files but no

I guess there is some configuration problem on NFS Server.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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