SUMMARY : Sol9 - VxVM 3.5 : Log plex problem after disk replacement

From: Alexandre Déry/dgt/sct <>
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 15:58:04 EDT

Many thanks to Matt Wanke for his response :

Original problem was that one of my log plex was "STALE" :
v  dsa1vol01-L01 fsgen       ENABLED  71114752 -        ACTIVE   -       -
pl dsa1vol01-P01 dsa1vol01-L01 DETACHED LOGONLY -       STALE    -       -
sd dsa1_temp2-01 dsa1vol01-P01 DETACHED 594    LOG      RECOVER  -       -
And I couldn't attach it to my volume (with vxplex att volume plex)

Solution : Delete and recreate the log plex, with these commands :
vxplex -g DSA1dg dis dsa1vol01-P01
vxedit -g DSA1dg -rf rm dsa1vol01-P01
vxassist -g DSA1dg addlog dsa1vol01-L01 nlog=1 logtype=drl
vxedit rename dsa1vol01-L01-01 dsa1vol01-P01

Side note : The reason I got this problem is because I have 2 servers
connected to a A5200 array. I did the disk change using the first server,
and everything was fine. Then I imported the diskgroup/volume on the
second server just to make sure it worked there : it didn't work because
the second server's path to the replaced disk was wrong, so every
plex/subdisk on the disk went it "stale" state. So I switched back the
diskgroup to the first server. Then, the data plex was recovered, but the
log plex stayed in "stale" state, and I fixed it using the above commands.
Then I did a "reboot -- -r" on my second server, so that all the device
links were ok. And then I was able to import successfully my diskgroup to
my second server.


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