Summary: Mirror question

From: Gary Lopez <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 13:20:16 EDT
Many responses. Too many to name.. Thank ALL of you graciously. Seems 
the concensus is to use "rsync" to get the data accross. Admittedly, I 
have never had to use this command before so I have some reading to do 
:-) ..  Thanks again to all who replied ...

Good Morning,
	I have a user here that is asking a question I have no answer for and 
needed to know if someone in the group has managed a work around for this.
We have data that is in one location, and it is being accessed locally.
The problem is the access time across the VPN. So the user was wondering
if it was possible to mirror the disk locally from the remote location.
They basically want to access the data locally and have the source disk
remain in the remote location. Is this possible or anyone know of a
legitimate way of making something like this work ?

Thanks for any information given..

Gary Lopez
Unix System Admin
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