SUMMARY solstice disk suite volume access from CD boot

From: Smoko Mr Charles <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 2004 - 18:50:48 EST
Original question:
> I was wondering if it is possible to use a Solaris 9 install CD
> to boot up and access Disk Suite volumes on a Solaris 8
> system.  Someone recently posted on the sun-mangers lists
> saying that the Solaris 9 install CD has disk suite on it.  But
> I can not seem to locate that message.  It would make life
> nice when doing an full recover from backups.  It "seems"
> that it is just a matter of the CD booted OS knowing where
> the meta databases are.  If anyone has tried this and would
> like to share their results?

Thanks to Remy Zandwijk who was the person who originally
said this could be done.  So, I tried again.  What I found 
was that you need to boot without the -s (single user option)
and let suninstall start.  You can say the system is not net-
worked and pick any old timezone.  The install program will 
then find all the meta databases.  After the databases are 
found, it will start disk suite.  The install program will 
then give the option of upgrade, install or exit.  At that
point, I just exit.  If a metastat is issued, it will produce
the configuration and status of the volumes and soft par-
titions.  And of course, I can the mount the volumes and/or
soft partitions.

The reason that I had problems with this was that I usually 
boot with a -s to get into single user mode and not have to 
deal with appeasing the suninstall program with meaningless
answers just to exit.  I did some checking by looking through
the rc scripts and ^C'ing out of suninstall early.  But the
volumes not ready until the suninstall asks if you want to
upgrade, install or exit.

Thanks to all,
Chuck Smoko
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