SUMMARY: Unk error code from patch install

From: Eric Noriega <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 19:11:18 EST
    Thanks to all that replied.  It turns out that the codes are in the 
addpatch executable, which is just a shell script itself.  Code #35 is 
:"Later revision already installed."  I had found them inside of the MU 
clusters before, but didn't see the newest codes.  Might be nice if the 
message came out instead of the return code (hint to Sun :) ).

>Installing a patch cluster, I just got:
>Installing 114014-03...
> Installation of 114014-03 failed. Return code 35.
>I can't find a reference to error code 35.  Most lists stop at 34. 
>Solaris 9/MU4
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