SUMMARY: sunscreen on solaris9?

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Date: Fri Nov 19 2004 - 11:27:44 EST
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below are the answer from  mgreene


Is it true that Solaris 9 come with free firewall name Sunscreen?


>>Yes, it is true.  It is SunScreen V3.2.  This is Sun's in-house 


firewall which came about in the late 90's after their relationship with
Checkpoint broke down.




If true, can It install at solaris 8?  which CD and Package from Solaris 9
that can install to Solaris 8?


>>Solaris 8 will also run SunScreen; however, with Solaris 8 you are 


licensed to run the lite version of SunScreen which is 3.1 Lite.  This has
some limitations.  An alternative here would be to use IPFilter.  This is
free and very powerfull.  Not sure if SunScreen 3.2 can be purchased
seperately to run on Solaris 8.  However, I would think that one could.



Is it heavy Sun Blade to be a Firewall+Lotus Notes Server+Samba Server? 


>>I would not recommend this at all.  A firewall is an entry point in 


network.  Whether or not enough resources are available, this simply just is
not a good idea.  At the cost of some of the entry level servers, I would
recommend that you get one so that you can seperate the two. 

Depending on the size of your network a SunBlade should be OK to run the
firewall.  Then one of the entry level servers should be able to run Lotus
Notes and just depends on how many users you have running it.  I
would probably go with one server to start and migrate to another server
later.  Also instead of running Samba, Sun also has a similar product (and

free) which may be easier to configure than Samba for password
synchronizatoin and stuff.  That is always where I run into the problem with
Samba, I can get the file shares to work, but the rest seems to be a bit
more cumbersome.  For ease of administration, I would recommend actually
getting a Windows Server 2003 license and just get a "clone"

server if $$$ is an issue.  There have been a lot of updates to the Windows
technology and for ease of administration, it might be better to use a
Windows based product to provide a Windows based service.




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