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From: Santomauro, Deborah <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 18:38:57 EDT
Well the consensus is in -- it's not possible with the current OS
(Solaris 2.6; Solaris 8 and 9) that I've got on my systems.    Many
thanks to those who did respond (original question is below):

Casper Dik -- who mentioned that this will be an added feature in
Solaris 10 and provided a URL:

Todd Wilkinson -- " can't do it with local host files or NIS,  I
know about NIS+.  I do know that you can do this with LDAP using the
directory as the password storage repository." (we're running NIS and
not LDAP -- maybe further on down the road we may move towards LDAP)

Dale Hirchirt -- who called to say hello and to let me know that this is
not available with my current systems.  It was good to talk with you
again Bubba :o)

-- deb

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I've tried to find the answer through the man pages (passwd) and
googling, but I'm unable to find what parameter can be used in the
/etc/default/passwd file that defines the number of days/weeks that a
"used" password is kept.  In other words, I don't want my users to
change their password back to one that had been used before in the last
month or so.  In other operating systems - i.e. AIX and SGI - you can
use the "HISTORYDAYS" or "histsize" and set this to the number of weeks
that must pass before that same password can be re-used.  Any help or
advice is greatly appreciated and I will summarize.  Thanks.

OS = Sun-Blade-100/Solaris 8 and 9

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