SUMMARY: Jumpstart 64 bit problem

From: Colin Haffenden <>
Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 11:26:12 EDT
I didn't get many replies but thanks to those who did.

This was on Solaris 8 by the way.

I found the problem myself in the end....

I add the 64 bit packages to my profile and then set the boot-file to
kernel/sparcv9/unix in the ok prompt.

# To Support 64 bit
package         SUNWesxu        add
package         SUNWcarx        add
package         SUNWcslx        add
package         SUNWcsxu        add
package         SUNWhmdx        add
package         SUNWkvmx        add
package         SUNWlmsx        add
package         SUNWlocx        add
package         SUNWpdx         add
package         SUNWnamox       add

OK > setenv boot-file kernel/sparcv9/unix

Original question...


I am trying to install a client with 64 bit via jumpstart. The box is a
Sun Ultra 60 which I know can run 64 bit.

I have added the isa_bits 64 to my profile yet it still only installs
32 bit. Does anyone know why ?

Here is my profile ...

# Copyright (c) 2000, 2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
#ident  "@(#)firewall.profile 2.4     01/06/10     SMI"

# install_type MUST be first
install_type    initial_install

isa_bits        64
# start with the minimal required number of packages
cluster         SUNWCreq

# Since this is intended to be a minimal server, the
# Solaris Core software cluster was used.  However, in 
# many cases, a few additional packages are required to
# make the system maintainable.

# Required for CheckPoint FW-1 NG
package         SUNWter         add
package         SUNWlibC        add
package         SUNWlibCx       add
package         SUNWadmc        add
package         SUNWadmfw       add

# To support the Network Time Protocol
#package                SUNWntpr        add
#package                SUNWntpu        add

# To support truss, for troubleshooting
package         SUNWtoo         add
package         SUNWtoox        add

# To support Compression
package         SUNWgzip        add
package         SUNWbzip        add
package         SUNWbzipx       add
package         SUNWzip         add

# Support Shells
#package                SUNWbash        add

# Manual pages
package         SUNWdoc         add
package         SUNWman         add

# To support snoop
#package                SUNWfns         add
#package                SUNWfnsx        add

# To support Secure Shell X Tunneling
#package                SUNWxcu4        add
#package                SUNWxcu4x       add
#package                SUNWxwplt       add
#package                SUNWxwplx       add
#package                SUNWxwrtl       add
#package                SUNWxwrtx       add
#package                SUNWswmt        add

# To support Secure Shell (Solaris 7+)
#package                SUNWxwice       add
#package                SUNWxwicx       add

# want to define how the disk is used - not use defaults
# Firewall Server.  This box is fully minimized
# We allocate a great deal of space to /var as FW-1
# uses this for installation and logging.  Built
# for 20GB hard drive.

partitioning    explicit
filesys         rootdisk.s6     4096     /usr
filesys         rootdisk.s5     free     /export/home
filesys         rootdisk.s3     1024     /var
filesys         rootdisk.s1     1024     swap
filesys         rootdisk.s0     1024    /

# install system as standalone
system_type     standalone

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