Summary: installing vnc on Solaris8

From: Joe Philip <>
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 15:24:24 EDT
Thanks to Dr. Deborah Crocker for pointing to me to the right direction.
Also thanks for everyone who flamed me saying that why I did not try the
./vncserver -:)

Problem was that vncserver is a perl script and the perl was pointing to
/usr/bin/perl. So, when I edited the first line in the vncserver script to
point to the correct perl location, I got it working.

(Sorry, in my original mail I forgot to mention that I had tried
/usr/local/bin/vncserver, /usr/local/bin is in my path etc.)

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Subject: installing vnc on Solaris8

I have just installed on vnc 3.3 on my Solaris 8 server (ftped from I did the package add and everything went well. When I
tried to run vncserver by:
cd /usr/local/bin

I got the following error:
ksh:vncserver not found. I checked the execute permissions and it r-xr-xr-x.

SO, why does it give this message:
ksh:vncserver not found.
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