SUMMARY: Prevent Solaris from broadcasting ARP for second interface over first interface.

From: Webpro <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 12:33:44 EDT
I received just a couple responses.  Unfortunately, no new "holy
grail" procedures.

What I have done already is disable ARP on the interface and create
static ARP entries.  This is an intrusive procedure that must be
manually performed on each system.  Having hundreds of these pairs
makes this a challenging maintenance task.


On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 09:06:39 -0700, Webpro <> wrote:
> I have a server configuration where a pair or servers are connected
> via a x-over cable.  They are connected to one or more LANs via other
> interfaces.  The private x-cover connection uses addresses in the
> reserved ranges.  Servers A and B are directly connected and servers D
> and E are directly connected.  e.g.
> Server A                         Server B
> Public:    Public:
>    Xover
> Server D                         Server E
> Public:    Public:
>    Xover
> We often see when server B x-over sends and ARP for, it
> is sent out the public interface.  Server D responds with it's private
> interface MAC address (for its IP address).  Server A
> updates its local ARP table with the MAC from server D.  vital
> communications between Server A and B over this x-over connection are
> disrupted.
> I am not running ip forwarding or routed.
> I need to ensure the Solaris does not forward the ARP from the private
> link to the public interface.  I am not sure why it would since it is
> locally connected and permanent.

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