SUMMARY : T3 console : risky ?

From: Sebastien Daubigne <>
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 08:47:40 EST
Thanks to Roque Hernandez, Neil Quiogue, Andrew Hall.

General consensus is no risk except wrong commands (i.e. same risk as
network connection).

To quote Neil :
      Shouldn't be risky.  The console does not have any 'break'
      except during boot up when you can print out the password of the
      T3 through the console (I think this is one of the reasons with
      the special warning).

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I'm going to connect a T3+ console to a console server (via RJ45), because
the T3 is currently not connected to the network and I dont want to reboot
the T3 to make it do RARP to get an IP address.
In the T3 operation manual, the following warning is printed  :

"The serial port is reserved for special service procedures that can be
performed only by qualified, trained service personnel. Do not attempt to
perform any procedures through the serial port or you risk damaging the disk
tray configuration and data"

What king or risk are they talking about exactly ? I mean, specific risks
compared to a network connexion (not talking about erroneous configuration
commands) ?
Is there some magic signal combination  (e.g. break sequence or something
similar) that can lead to data corruption or config reset ?
Can I safely connect a running T3 console ?

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