SUMMARY: Used pkgadd instead of patchadd

From: Jim Winkle <>
Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 16:20:54 EST
The easiest/safest answer was to use the 'patchadd -u' which
unconditionally installs the patch. It worked!

Thanks to all for responding.

-- Jim

---------- Original message ----------
I was crusing along on my keyboard, installing various packages on
Solaris 8 with pkgadd, and accidently installed the /dev/random patch
(112438-02) with pkgadd instead of patchadd. Before I realized this, I
rebooted to activate /dev/random, but it doesn't exist. A coworker
suggested trying 'reboot -- -r', but that didn't activate it either.

Now I cannot install the patch with patchadd, because Solaris thinks
it's already installed.

I'm thinking about using pkgrm to remove the five packages in the patch
(SUNWcarx, SUNWcsr, SUNWhea, SUNWmdb, SUNWmdbx), but when I started
that, there are many packages that depend on these.

I found a few other references to people that had done this in the
past, but no solutions.

Any ideas on how to safely get /dev/random going?

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