SUMMARY FOR: 2-post rackmount kits for v210s

From: Jerry B. Altzman <>
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 16:24:25 EDT
I asked:
> Does anyone know how to find the part number (if one even exists) for 
> mounting V210's in *2-post* (telco) racks? The standard rackmount kits 
> are for 4-post racks only.

Thanks go out to the following:
Marc Speziale
Simon the stressed
Andrew Hall

who have informed me that, no, Sun does NOT have 2-post rackmounts for 
the v210.
Several other posters pointed me to, who do have 
alternative rackmount kits for the v210, but only for 4-post cabinets, 
not the 2-post racks.

Oh well. Time to buy shelves.


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