[SUMMARY] Looking for T patch T110943-04

From: David Foster <foster_at_ncmir.ucsd.edu>
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 20:19:29 EST
Several folks sent me the 110943-02 patch, but this is the version
that is broken.

Someone sent me this link:

but this gives me a zero-byte file, a permissions problem I'm sure.
I do have a SunSolve Spectrum contract, not sure to enable it here.

Others suggested that you cannot get T patches from SunSolve, if this
is true then afaik this is fairly new, I remember getting T patches
for various security fixes in the past. I could not find this patch
anywhere on SunSolve.

Bummer since I want the security fix for tcsh, but this bug is
very annoying to our users.

Thanks to:

Mahendra Sharma
Petri Kallberg	

> Has anyone located patch T110943-04? It fixes an annoying
> problem with tcsh in Solaris 8 whereby 'ls -F' and filename 
> completion do not work. I have a Sun Spectrum Support contract, 
> but I cannot find this T-patch on SunSolve anywhere.
> Recent alert:
>   Sun Alert ID:  57460
>   Synopsis:      Regression in the Behavior of the tcsh(1) "ls -F
>                  builtin" on Solaris 8
>   Date Released: 17-Dec-2003
>   Date Modified: 10-Feb-2004
>   To view this Sun Alert document please go to the following URL:
>   http://enews.sun.com/CTServlet?id=52879466-1094083497:1077041702304
>   (accessing this Sun Alert document requires a Sun Spectrum Support
>   Contract and SunSolve Online Account)
> Dave Foster

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