SUMMARY: solaris 2.6 on an ultra 60

From: Chuck Campbell <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 12:40:38 EST
On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 03:49:16PM -0600, Chuck Campbell wrote:
> I've gotten an ultra 60 to replace an old ultra 170E.
> I've seen a bunch of articles on the sun pages that say I need to boot from the
> Operating Environment CD first if I'm installing solaris 2.6 on 450Mhz cpu's
> Where do I find this CD?  Is it in the standard solaris desktop media box?
> I don't seem to see one here... :-(
> I can pick up a media box, but I don't see any sense in doing so, unless the
> CD I'm already missing is there.
> If not, where can I get my hands on one?
> -chuck

Many thanks to those who helped, offered suggestions etc.
They include in the order I received their email replies):
Scott Spencer, Darren Dunham, Rich Teer, Jason Santos, Peter Stokes, 
King Brooke, Casper Dik, Brian ?

The solution I used was to install a 300Mhz cpu, run the solaris 2.6 
installation, patch using the most recent recommended adn y2k patch sets,
install the 450Mhz cpu's and reboot.

Not necessarily elegant, but once I understood I just needed a patch to make
the 450mhz cpu's work, it was straight forward to get there.

Special thanks to Rich Teer who ftp'd the contents of the cd to me, and to
Scott Spencer who actually sent me one of the CD's

Thanks again,

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