[SUMMARY] Using tar to restore files backup up using Veritas Netbackup

From: Sumeet Chandwani <sumeetpchandwani_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 06:35:37 EST
Hi All,
First of all Thanks to Marcelino Mata / Wade Lich / Fernando Boveda for all their inputs. I am putting their fwded mails in this summary below.
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To: "'Sumeet Chandwani'" <sumeetpchandwani@yahoo.com> 
CC: k.mohan@vsnl.co.in 
Subject: RE: Using tar to restore files backup up using Veritas Netbackup 
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 14:14:44 -0400 
The file format is not a simple tar listing.  It is rather complex system... If the data is expired, you do not need to restore the old catalog from the catalog tape.  You should be able to import the catalog data from the tape that holds the data and it will add the policy used for that tape etc.  
Once you import the catalog data, you can select the files with Netbackup client softwre. I did the step below many years ago and it was painless procedure.
I have a Netbackup FAQ which I used for this step....paths are Windows so substite Solaris versions...
Q :  How do I import expired data.
A :  Use bpimport, See Netbackup help page for more information
The import operation consists of two steps:
Step 1 is performed with the first form of the command shown above (-create_db_info option) and recreates catalog entries for the backups that are on the specified media.
Step 2 is performed with the second form of the command shown above and imports the backups from the media.
The expiration date for imported backups is the current date plus the retention period. For example, if a backup is imported on 11/14/98 and its retention level is one week, its new expiration date is 11/21/98.
You can import a backup only if all copies of it are expired. For more information on importing backups, see your NetBackup system administrator's guide.
Step 1 command 
install_path\NetBackup\admincmd\bin\bpimport -create_db_info -id media_id [-L output_file]
(-L option does not seem to work)
This command only list backup image names not files on tape.
Listing images on tape
bpimport   -s [start date] -e [end date]
i.e bpimport  -s 11/01/98 -e 11/10/98
List data to import without importing : bpimport -PM -s 11/01/98 -e 11/10/98
Sample output :  07/17/20000 15:31:47 Archive Full_Archive
aixserver_0963862307 mtc_mis ARCH01
Importing all images on tape from step 1
bpimport -v -id 000176
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To: "'Sumeet Chandwani'" <sumeetpchandwani@yahoo.com> 
Subject:  RE: Using tar to restore files backup up using Veritas Netbackup 
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 10:25:26 -0700 
mt -f /dev/rmt/1 rew
/usr/netbackup/bin/tar -tf /dev/rmt/1n
If that doesn't produce anything try 
mt -f /dev/rmt/1 rew
mt -f /dev/rmt/1n fsf 1
/usr/netbackup/bin/tar -tf /dev/rmt/1n
Increment the fsf # by one until you find a good tar file on the tape.  chances are good that the first file on the tape is not the beginning of the archive set and you may need to skip around until you find a file that is the actual beginning of the backup file. 
Wade Lich
NSI Solutions
From: Sumeet Chandwani [mailto:sumeetpchandwani@yahoo.com] 
Sent: Friday, October 29, 2004 10:18 AM
To: Wade Lich
Subject: RE: Using tar to restore files backup up using Veritas Netbackup

Hi Lich,
Thanks for the infn. abt gnutar. we hv been trying the tar command that comes with Netbackup. However on giving command 
/usr/netbackup/bin/tar -tvf /dev/rmt/1n -- 
it is giving error "this file does not seen to be a tar file.. skippig to next file".
And it isn't showing any contents of the tape.
Can u giv any inputs for the abv problem
Thanks & regards,
Wade Lich <wade@nerdfest.com> wrote:
I believe you need to use the gnutar or the tar command that comes with
Netbackup, not the tar file that ships with Solaris.
Wade Lich
NSI Solutions 

Also a case has been logged with Sun support for finding the soln for this prob which is still in progress. Few inputs from Sun support & reqd logs by SUN could be found in the interactions given below-

Sun Engineer Nov 2, 2004 2:45:03 PM, Singapore Time (SGT GMT+08:00) 
We can try the following:
bpimport -create_db_info -id <volume> -server <nbu-server-name> -L /var/tmp/bpimport..1log
bpimport -PM | grep <volume> | awk '{print $5}' >/var/tmp/importlist
bpimport -Bidfile /var/tmp/importlist -L /var/tmp/bpimport.2.log
If the media already exists in the database, then we will probably also need to expire the media ...
bpexpdate -d 0 -ev <volume> -force
If this still fails, then we need the /var/tmp/bpimport.1.log and /var/tmp/bpimport.2.log files for further investigation ...
plese send me the logs for detail analysis.
Customer Nov 4, 2004 6:40:40 PM, Singapore Time (SGT GMT+08:00) 
Preferred Method of Response: Email
Hi Ventakesh, 
I am trying the commnad bpexpdate but getting this messges 
bkp# ./bpexpdate -d 0 -ev L10781 -force 
requested media id is in use, cannot process request 
if I try to import with below mentioned commnad 
bpimport -create_db_info -id L10781 -server bkp -L /var/tmp/bpimport.1.log 
getting the erro code 80 from the backup / restore menu error code says media manager device deamon (ltid) is not active 
Sun Engineer Nov 11, 2004 3:52:41 AM, Singapore Time (SGT GMT+08:00) 
updates from customer.
now we are able to import for media but no images were successfully processed

completed action Plan :
1.please restart full netbackup daemons and then
Ans:--Backup deamons restarted
2.Please provide an output of bpps -a.
Ans:-- bpps -a output is attached in file netbackup.zip
3.Which image does the customer wants to restore? And from which date?
Ans:-- media id is L10781 idate is 19/10/2004
4.which media server has the control of this media??? Robot control host?
Ans:-- media server name is "vsnl-bill-1" master server name is bkp
And please send me all command outputs and the created files for import Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Seems the tape was written on 25. Oct? Was it moved between the media servers?
When getting Error 97, please check out the device monitor if any process is run

let me know the output of following commands:
1. As you cannot import a tape which already exists in the Netbackup catalog:
# /usr/openv/netbackup/admincmd/bin/bpexpdate -d -eb 'media_id'
ANS:--- commadn did not work error invalid start date
2. phase 1 import of the images:
# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimport -create_db_info -id
<media id> -server <server> -L /tmp/bpimport.phase1 &
---> server is the media hostname !!!!
ANS:---- file atttached is netbackup.zip
3. Run the following command to generate a list of images available for import:
# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimport -PM -s <start_date> -e
<end_date> -id <media id> | awk '{print }' > /tmp/import_list
ANS:--- file attached in netbackup.zip
4. Modify the /tmp/import_list file to include only those images that are desired for import.
5. Run the following command to perform a phase 2 import of the images found in /tmp/import_list:
# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpimport -Bidfile /tmp/import_list -L /tmp/bpimport.phase2 &
ANS:--- file attached in netbackup.zip

Thanks & Regards,

Sumeet Chandwani <sumeetpchandwani@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi Guru's,

Presently we are facing a problem in the restore of a differential incremental backup (without full backup) of files on solaris taken on LTO-2 Tape Drive on L180 Tape Lib. using NetBackup 4.5GA and Solaris 5.8. 
We are trying to restore the backup on the tape using the tar in the netbackup/bin folder and getting the following error "Hm.. This does not seem to be a tar file". Has anybody dealt with such kind of problem earlier or know or think they know its solution ? 

Has anyone restored the old catalogs from catalog backups and then restored the expired images from that ? We are definately sure that the tape has not been overwritten. If anyone knows anything please reply me and cc to k.mohan@vsnl.co.in

Thanks & Best Regards
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