SUMMARY: Problem building a PERL-Module

From: Harald Husemann <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 12:56:16 EST
Hi agn,

thanks to: 
Bernhard Sadlowski <>
Andrew J Caines <>
Adam Mazza <>
Rob McDonnell <>
Gary Chambers <>

for their responds, and several others for letting me know they're out
of office, :-))
Almost all suugested to install a second perl from in
/usr/local, and use this one instead of the bundled perl of Solaris.
I downloaded perl-5.8.3-sol9-sparc-local from sunfreeware, installed it,
set the PATH to /usr/local/bin first - and, voila, it worked!
(Btw.: perl 5.8.3 is newer than the bundled 5.6 - so, maybe it's a good
idea to use this one, :-))
Gary Chambers gave me the hint to use the perl-Module perlgcc - I tried
it, but same result as Gary wrote: Couldn't get it working...
Doesn't matter, installing the package from sunfreeware is also fine,

Thanks for the quick responses,

have a nice hackin'!


On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 17:42, Harald Husemann wrote:
> Hi folks,
> got a little problem with a Perl-Module here:
> I installed Solaris 9 "as usual", which also installed Perl 5.6.1. I
> need to add some mods to Perl (DBI and DBD::Oracle), so I downloaded the
> sources from CPAN, unpacked them, and ran perl makefile.PL.
> Hm, so far so good, but now I've got a problem: The Makefile generator
> takes a quick look into perl's config environment, and sees perl was
> build using the SunForte Compiler cc. (Of course, since it's the
> original SUN package). Unfortunately, I don't have SunForte since it's
> expensive, we use gcc...
> So, the build-script crashes, 'cause all compiler options are wrong for
> gcc. What can I do to tell the generator to use gcc?? One option would
> be to re-build entire Perl using gcc, but I think there must be a
> shorter way to do the trick, :-))
> Thanks for your help,
> kind regards from Germany,
> Harald
Harald Husemann
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