Solaris 9 Media SUMMARY

From: Kevin C McCarty <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 17:28:14 EST
Hey Tim,

I did download the ISO's for both x86 and Intel, and cd2 ((1 of 2) for the 
sixth time) doesn't read because of some missing magic number, I even put 
the spiffy labels, on it.   I use the same cd creator as what is 
recommended. Disk 2, seems to be an ISO, and the web install won't read 

Sun has plain p*ssed me off this time, what are they thinking? How many 
people actually have DVD capable sun boxes? 
 If their was a choice for CD or DVD, I didn't see it, and I usually am 
pretty good at seeing discrepancies.   Too much wasted time. 
I don't see any option BUT the DVD if you want the extra software. 

Sorry to rant , but I am really spun up,,,,   what a mess just trying to 
go to 9.  I have two U30's at home, and at work some 4800's, 450's, and a 
bunch of pizza boxes, and I am not sure how many have DVD capability.

Talk to you tomorrow all. 

Kevin McCarty
Senior Enterprise System Manager
Computer Sciences Corporation
Defense Sector

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"Tim Evans" <tkevans>
02/23/2004 02:13 PM
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On Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:03:04 -0600, Kevin C McCarty wrote
> Hello managers,
> A couple of questions please, I just received the Solaris 9 media 
> kit. Good deal.  Happy.  I see the cd's say:  "DVD" .    Will the 
> DVD material be readable by my old Ultra30 ?  (it is at home, I am 
> not)...... 

Nope, but you can download the ISO's and burn your own CD's.
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