SUMMARY: SF4800/D240/boot ... disk not found ??

From: Pascal Grostabussiat <>
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 11:44:31 EDT
Many thanks to Darren Dunham, KR (, Annamaria
Heupke/Denic and Aleksander Pavic for their time and suggestions.
Special thank to Darren who got it right.


"disk no found", D240, SF4800, X6758A, Solaris 9, jumpstart


SF4800, D240 (HD2, DVD1, TAPE1), 2 assemblies, and among others a
X6758A card (PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI). Installing Solaris from a jumpstart
server (Solaris 9).

BTW, I found a page that might be worth noting


Starting Solaris 9 installation (in this case via a jumpstart server)
and installation stops very early with a "disk not found" message.
Jumpstart finds a match among the rules but when it comes to start
installing ... "disk not found" and stop.

Checking with probe-scsi-all shows correct information about D240
with everything inside.

Another detail that I tought was due to something else but actually
was related was a "Boot Load Failed" when trying to boot from CD and


Quoting Darren:

"If the OBP sees the disks but Solaris does not, it's possible that you
do not have any drivers for your scsi card in the Solaris image you are
Do a boot -v and see if any driver for the scsi card loads.  Are you
using one of the new sun cards that takes the SUNWqus driver?  You'd
probably have to pkgadd it to the jumpstart image if you are."

He was right. I checked the System Handbook on SunSolve and had a look
at the "Full Components List" for the SF4800:

In the middle of the page you can find the X6758A with a reference to
"(7)" telling you:

"The necessary drivers (SUNWqus, SUNWqusu, SUNWqusx, & SUNWqusux) and
patches for this product are not included in Solaris 8 or 9, but must be
downloaded. Please see infodoc 47841 for details."

with "infodoc 47841" linked to:

I actually did not spent time downloading the patch but connected the
D240 to another SCSI card in the assembly (X4422A) and could proceed
further with the my jumpstart installation.

Again, many thanks to those would replied!

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