SUMMARY: File solaris 8 after mv twice

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 2004 - 20:06:15 EST
Thanks to everyone who replied especially Patrick O'Reilly, Jay Lessert
and Larry Anta.

Well the answer is No. The file has been removed and can't be retrieved.

But there is a utility available which recovers deleted file under Unix.
But is effective if your deleted file size is 20K -30K

Thanks to Patrick for this valuable info.

Here it is :

- unrm, Lazarus; tools used to recover deleted unix files (part of TCT:
the Coroner toolkit)

- surf to for instructions

Hope this helps.


My Original Question was :

I had 200M file which I wanted to move to a different location. I ran
the command "mv filename /test &" (in the background) By mistakenly I
ran the same command again (bash shell - pressed up arrow key and
instead of ^c pressed enter key) while the first was still running But
when jobs were finished and I checked the file & it was disappeared. It
wasn't there in source as well as destination folder. I don't have any
backup of this file. Have any one has experienced this kind of
situation? Can I retrieve this file??
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