Summary RE: installing packages without pkgadd

From: Perrier Kent <>
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 14:30:42 EST
> I fell like a goof.  I have built 5 Solaris 8 machines using 
> jumpstart.
> These were minimal installs of the operating system. It 
> appears that I did
> not specify that that package that contains pkgadd, et el, to 
> be installed.
> So, now that I know this, I will edit the profile to add that 
> package, but
> how to I install the package that contains pkgadd without 
> pkgadd being their
> in the first place?

As several people have said, this is not possible as the pkg* 
utilities are in SUNWcsu, which is a core Solaris package.  
Looking at the machines again, I see those files there so I 
will have to look at what I was doing yesterday and figure out
what I was doing wrong.

/me feels even more like a goof.

Kent Perrier
HCA Healthcare UNIX Certification
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