SUMMARY: 280R serial port

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Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 19:37:23 EDT
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Joon Martin Hansen
David Deaves
Leonard Smith

The answers are:

1.  Simply remove the RSC card and then boot the system.  Serial A will be
the console port once again if the RSC card isn't there.


2.  Interrupt the boot process by watching for the "general fault" LED (the
one with the wrench icon) to flash.  While it's flashing, press the power
button twice.  This drops the system back to the "ok" prompt with
"factory-safe" NVRAM parameters (including the all-important "input-device"
and "output-device") temporarily set.  This has allowed me to boot from
CDROM, and now I can re-install Solaris.

Thanks for the fast replies!

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