[SUMMARY] Cups configuration on Sol 9 Sparc

From: Peter Stokes <peter_at_ashlyn.co.uk>
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 12:08:58 EST

Had a couple of replies from

Rob De Langhe
John Leadeham

as well as a few Out of Office

I forgot to mention I had downloaded the binary from Sun's website, the replies were welcome, but related
to source download and install into different locations to the Sun binary. I decided to press on with the
 binary which I had installed. The binary installs into /opt by default and does not install anything into
/etc/init.d etc. So I simply copied the /opt/sfw/cups/etc/init.d etc. entries into the relevent /etc places,
 rebooted and I was then able to login to the web based config program at http://localhost:631 and setup my
 networked HP laserjet printer. The next issue are the commands which are all in /etc/sfw/cups/bin and sbin.
So you will need to add this to your PATH or provide symlinks from a more suitable directory. After that all
worked fine.

Below are the replies received for completeness


Here you go : 
             1. download from "http://www.cups.org" and extract it 
             2. go to the extracted directory, and run the
                self-configuration :
                ./configure --with-perl  
             3. install it as "root" :
                make install
                This installs the following directories/files :
                /usr/lib/cups, /etc/init.d/cups (plus links
                /etc/rc[235].d/S99cups and /etc/rc0.d/K00cups),
                /usr/share/cups, /usr/share/doc/cups, /var/log/cups,
                /var/spool/cups, /etc/cups  
             4. summarized to setup new printer: 
                     1. run "lpadmin -p printer -E -v device -m ppd"
                        where printer is the name of the printer (e.g.
                        "ourprinter"), device is the path to reach the
                        printer (e.g. "socket://" for a
                        networked printer), and ppd is the name of the
                        PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file for an
                        Epson-Stylus color printer (e.g. "stcolor.ppd") 
                     2. set this printer as default printer with
                        lpadmin -d printer
             5. install  the ESP GhostScript package to support printing
                to non-PostScript printers 
             6. for troubleshooting : 
                     1. edit the file "/etc/cups/cupsd.conf" and set
                        LogLevel debug
                        (instead of "info" for normal operation) 
                     2. restart the scheduler
                        /etc/init.d/cups stop ; /etc/init.d/cups start
                     3. look in the file "/var/log/cups/access_log" and
Epson printer driver for Solaris: "xwdriver" 


This looks like a fairly straightforward description:


Original Question


I may have missed the obvious, but cannot find how to do this (tried
Google, cups.org etc).

I downloaded the printing sfw from the Sun website and installed it no
problem, however I cannot see how to set it up for Solaris.

Anyone have a link to this info or can give pointers what I need to do?

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