SUMMARY: Framemaker 6.0 for Solaris media

From: Tim Kirby <>
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 23:09:03 EST
I wrote:

> Somehow our copy of Frame 6 for Solaris media has gone astray.
> We find ourselves needing the CD to reinstall, and despite being
> offered money to cut a special CD it seemes Adobe cannot supply one.
> We've even been looking at eBay, apparently.
> Well, this list has always come up trumps before. Does anyone out there
> have a copy of this media they are willing to loan or make available
> as an image or otherwise?...

Many thanks to all for the offers of help, and particularly to the very
kind individual who cut a CD for us and is arranging delivery to our
office in Seattle as I speak. Man, this list rocks.

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