SUMMARY: Solaris 8: Unmounting a Filesystem Whose Associated Device Has Failed

From: Dave Warchol <>
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 09:35:00 EDT
Thanks to Terry Moore, Galen Johnson and Mr. Rene Occelli:

First as folks pointed out, it is "umount", not "unmount" (it was
- unshare the filesystem
- remove the entry from /etc/vfstab
- manually unmount as much as possible, and,
- reboot


====Original Post====
Hello Managers:
         SunBlade 1000 with SCSI attached disk enclosure, each drive
being a separate UFS filesystem that is shared out (NFS).  One of the
devices has failed.  I have been able to unmount the filesystem from
each host that mounts it over NFS, however, on the host where the
filesystem/device physically resides, I cannot unmount it.  "umount -f"
or "umount " hangs.  I will summarize.

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