SUMMARY: Changing NIS domain name

From: Dave Martini 1 <>
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 18:49:41 EST
Thanks to everyone who replied!!!
The easiest things are the ones that cause the most frustration sometimes.

The /etc/defaultdomain file has to be set prior to running ypinit -m
which I did not do. 

I re-ran ypinit -m after this and ran into a problem where by the machine
would hang with the message

WARNING: Timed out waiting for NIS to come up

So what I did was boot single and rename the /var/yp directory 
to /var/orig.yp.

I then created an empty /var/yp directory and copied 


into it and then ran ypinit -m again, then ran ypstart and 
everything came up ok.


Here is my original question

I'm wondering how the NIS domain name actually gets set.
I don't see a reference to domain name when running the script.

hostnameofmachine# ypinit -m   

In order for NIS to operate sucessfully, we have to construct a list of the 
NIS servers.  Please continue to add the names for YP servers in order of
preference, one per line.  When you are done with the list, type a <control D>
or a return on a line by itself.
        next host to add:  hostnameofmachine  
      I want the domain name to be something other than the host name of the

I also noticed this file


which contains the name of the NIS domain which I think gets created
after running ypinit -m????
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