SUMMARY: Enterprise 4500 Memory Interleave Advice Sought

From: Thor Newman <>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 13:43:25 EDT
It's been quite a while since I used this list, but it really is among
the best IMO. This was a general question and I received the general
information I was generally seeking ;)

Thanks to:

            Ken Rossman

            Alex Madden

            Michael Horton

            Joe Fletcher

...for taking the time to reply. I hope I haven't missed anyone.

1.	The idea that disabling interleaving affected which memory banks
a processor could address was firmly dismissed as incorrect.

2.	The overall performance hit is generally adjudged to be minor,
but 'Mileage Will Vary' is the key word and is surely why Sun seems to
avoid anything firm in this regard.  In fact Mr. Rossman, in responding
to my comment about the difficulty in digging up resources relating to
it on Sun stated that "...I never could either in the 11 years I was at
Sun..." So I don't feel too bad about turning to the list after only a
day or two of generally fruitless digging on and Google.

Thor Newman
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