SUMMARY: mailing list management

From: Mike's List <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 10:27:47 EST
If you are using a later version of PINE, there's a built-in filter.
You should explore your e-mail software for built-in filter option(s).

Thanks to: David Markowitz, Rich Kulawiec, Lajber Zoltan, Andrew Caines,
and RA Lichtensteiger for .procmailrc code.  The below .procmailrc code
does basic sorting and works for me, advance features can be explore.

LOGFILE=$HOME/.procmailrc-log		# testing purposes, can remove
					# one entry per e-mail received

#			# basically any e-mail with
:0:					# in the header
*			# will sort to the folder below
/home/m/mikelist/mail/list-sunman	# ~mikelist/mail/list-sunman

*				# anything dumps to
/home/m/mikelist/mail/list-sunhelp	# ~mikelist/mail/list-sunhelp

Just add more options for your mailing list (ML).  Make certain your
mail folder exists and the correct folder path in .procmailrc file.

----- more useful code -----

* ^List-Id.*		# most ML uses List-Id
* ^To.*	# the ^ indicates begin. of line
* ^Reply.*	# the * indicates wildcard
* ^Sender.*	# using To/Reply/ parameter


- Mike

[ In addition to more packages at ]
[ Furthermore, you can explore -- ease of management.  ]

---------- original message ----------

I'm subscribing to more mailing lists and was wondering if someone has a
script/procmail setup that puts each mailing list in it's own folder?
At the present, all mailing lists are dump in INBOX, which is chaotic.
(I'm on five mailing lists and planning to add a couple more.)

Server is standard with solaris, sendmail, procmail and I'm using PINE.


- Mike
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