SUMMARY: Notice Of SSH Interop Issues

From: Thor Newman <>
Date: Tue Aug 17 2004 - 13:22:57 EDT
Hello Managers,

FYI: Sun Patch # 113273-08 appears to have squashed this bug. Contrary
to the generic instructions, I did not reboot the server, merely
restarted sshd after the patch was applied.

For those unwilling or unable to patch for some reason, setting the
LogLevel to 'debug' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config appears to 'workaround'
although I have no idea why this might be so.

A number of individuals wrote in to correct an error in my original
post: OpenSSH is BSD license, not GPL.

A greater number of individuals wrote in to tell me, in various ways,
essentially I was an idiot for not harmonizing the version of SSH across
platforms. While I do understand the rationale for homogeneity, in this
case I disagree. The server in question is _the_ primary and very busy
production database which was built stripped down and with absolute
minimum of software and packages. I don't just throw something on it for
an administrative convenience. The SSH interop issue was an annoyance
but not serious enough to warrant installing outside packages. If it
were any other kind of server but a database I would have just thrown
OpenSSH on it and been done with it.

Thanks to all who responded.

Thor Newman
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