SUMMARY: Gigabit Ethernet Card settings

From: Adrian Phipps (AC) <>
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 03:13:53 EST
Hi all,

Thanks to everybody who replied with their input, in particular
Padraig Lennon who gave the correct solution.

1. I made sure Auto Negotiation was off on the switch side
2. Entered the following into /etc/system:
* Begin Gigabit Network interface settings
set ge:ge_adv_1000autoneg_cap=0
set ge:ge_adv_1000fdx_cap=1
set ge:ge_adv_1000hdx_cap=0
* End Gigabit Network interface settings

Everything is looking peachy now.


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> Subject:	Gigabit Ethernet Card settings
> Hi all,
> I have a strange one here,
> I have a Gigabit Ethernet card installed on my SUNFire 6800, the
> card functions fine when the machine is up and running but once I
> reboot the card does not respond at all, only after I have taken the
> cable out and re-inserted it does the card respond? Anybody heard of
> something like this? Or are there recommended ndd settings for this
> kind of card. I have included the current settings and the
> configuration on the switch side.
> ndd -set /dev/ge instance 0
> ndd -set /dev/ge adv_1000fdx_cap 1
> ndd -set /dev/ge adv_1000hdx_cap 1
> ndd -set /dev/ge adv_1000autoneg_cap 1
> These settings above are located in a startup script in /etc/rc3.d
> The switch is on auto speed and auto duplex.
> regards
> Adrian Phipps

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