SUMMARY: NULL rootdg with Veritas 3.5 on Solaris 8

From: Sugan Moodley <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 04:05:27 EST
Sorry for the delay... I had to scrub the box again :_(

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 23:31, I wrote:
> Hello,
> There is a "rumour" that one can install Veritas Foundation Suite 3.5
> with a rootdg set to null or set to a null device. Unfortunately this
> does not make much sense to me however it is quite interesting to know
> if this can be achieved.
> There is documentation on the net regarding using slices but I have not had
> much luck with it and from what I hear it does not work anyways.
> I am using SDS421 for mirroring the internal rootdisks and do not want to 
> use veritas rootdisk encapsulation.
> thanks in advance.
> Sugan 

Thanks to:
Eugene Schmidt
Torsten Huebler
Cole, William
John England
Darren Dunham
Lance Tost

I believe I had major problems in this implementation because I did the
Solstice disksuite installation first and then the Veritas install. This
hack probably is not compatible on metadisks but rather with plain
block/char devices like /dev/rdsk/c?t?d?s?

Cole pointed me to this website:

which seems to be the most respectable one from the lot.  

Other suggestions included upgrading to Veritas 4.0 which does not have
a rootdg dependency. According to my vendor it would not be a problem
since we're on Foundation Suite alternatively I believe it can be
arranged if you have a Sun disk array attached. 

On the issue of a null based rootdg ( zero cylinders in a slice) nobody
could confirm this. However I am still waiting for input from another
vendor who claimed this initially ( although this sounds like it might
have been a genuine miscommunication )

Thanks guys,

Sugan Moodley    
Solaris Systems Administrator    
South Africa


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