SUMMARY: problem w/ dhcp, pntadm error message

From: Eric Noriega <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 20:21:41 EST
    It turns out it is a problem of package dependencies.  I needed to 
include the following packages in my install: SUNWwbapi SUNWwbcor 
SUNWwbcou SUNWjsnmp SUNWwbpro

    For the benefit of the list I have attached a complete jumpstart 
profile for a minimal DHCP server using Solaris 9.

    Thanks to all,
    Eric Noriega

#               EGN -- dhcp server profile,  Solaris 9
install_type    initial_install
system_type     standalone

#  Explicitly define the HD partitioning for our special circumstances
partitioning    explicit
filesys         rootdisk.s1     512     swap
filesys         rootdisk.s0     165     /
filesys         rootdisk.s3     3500    /usr
filesys         rootdisk.s4     500     /home
filesys         rootdisk.s5     free    /var

#  Only install the required packages
cluster         SUNWCreq

# add man pages for later reference/use
package         SUNWdoc   add           # System documentation handling
package         SUNWman   add           # System documentation handling
package         SUNWlibC  add          
# DHCP Server
cluster         SUNWCdhcp       add
# Addl. required packages for DHCP (WBEM) as of Sol. 9
package         SUNWwbapi       add
package         SUNWwbcor       add
package         SUNWwbcou       add
package         SUNWjsnmp       add
package         SUNWwbpro       add

# Firewall
package         ipf     add
package         ipfx    add

cluster         SUNWCssh        add
package         SUNWzlib        add
package         SUNWzlibx       add

# Solaris admin packages
package         SUNWadmap       add
package         SUNWadmc        add

locale          en_US

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Subject: 	problem w/ dhcp, pntadm error message
Date: 	Sun, 22 Feb 2004 20:01:26 -0500
From: 	Eric Noriega <>

   Hi there. I'm dealing with a minimal install DHCP server.  pntadm is 
reporting a very cryptic message, which I cannot find reference to.  I 
was wondering if anyone on the list has run across this one:

pntadm  -A 128.x.x.x      -h           -m 'login-D'    -i 
0100D0B784AC38       -s 128.y.y.y      -c 'oldip:128.z.z.z' -f MANUAL 

I'm hoping not to have to install the wbem packages, since they require 
X, CDE and a huge chunk of other stuff.  This would be a very stupid 

   Eric Noriega
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