Summary: Is this disk dead?

From: Bryan Guest, BMI Internet <>
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 17:08:35 EST
Short answer: No!  I just wasn't waiting long enough for format to through
SCSI errors.

I ran format again and it spit out the original error 20 times, then a wrong
magic number error:

scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3/sd@9,0 (sd8):
 Corrupt label; wrong magic number

and then happily proceeded to format the disk...

Verifying media...
        pass 0 - pattern = 0xc6dec6de
        pass 1 - pattern = 0x6db6db6d
Total of 0 defective blocks repaired.

Thanks to Bob Payne, Tobias Kronwitter and Darren Dunham for their replies.

Tobias suggested:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdsk/c0t9d0s2
Which did work, once but I could not repeat it again.

My appreciation to the list and big shout out to everyone who is away from
their office!
Bryan Guest

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Subject: Is this disk dead? Unable to format.

> Hello:
> I have recently tried to format and recycle some older 4.2Gb drives.
> When I first stuck them in a system (E250), they all powered up and showed
> default disk label/partition.
> However when I tried to format the first one, it appears the disk went
> offline.  In any event the machine hung on the following SCSI error:
>  scsi: [ID 107833 kern.warning] WARNING: /pci@1f,4000/scsi@3 (glm0):
>  Disconnected tagged cmd(s) (1) timeout for Target 9.0
>  glm: [ID 401478 kern.warning] WARNING: ID[SUNWpd.glm.cmd_timeout.6018]
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