SUMMARY: E450 Upgrade Solaris 7 -> 9

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 09:10:56 EDT
Thanks for the very fast responses from

Christopher L. Barnard
Tim Chipman
Christian Iseli
David Allen
Dave Speed

Concensus was that:

a) either a fresh install or an upgrade were equally effective, 
depending on the amount of system downtime you can afford.

b) Rebuilding the metadevices you may have was really the most 
time-consuming part of going to Solaris 9. Christian did point out that  
the default metadevice database size defaults were different on Sol 9. 
which may be problematic

Apart from that, there are no real gotchas - just make sure you BACKUP 
everything and keep paper records of metadevice configuration.

Thanks again


--------------------------------------------------- original 


Title pretty much says it all. We will be going from Solaris 7 to 
Solaris 9 - is it safer doing an complete re-install or is the upgrade 
relatively simple?

Other issues: we have a lot of SDS metadevices both in local disk plus 
on a pair of external D1000 storage arrays. Is it fairly straightforward 
to go from Disksuite to DiskManager ??

Any other gotchas to worry about?


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