SUMMARY: slow backup on tape

From: Schaper, Soeren <>
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 05:02:21 EST
Hi everybody,

thanks to the 6 people that replied to my mail. Nearly everybody pointed to
cable or SCSI problems. I checked and cleaned cables and connector, unloaded
and reloaded the SCSI driver but the problem stayed. In the end a reboot did
the trick.

Agin, thanks to all who replied,


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Betreff: slow backup on tape

Hi Managers,

	I've got 2 AIT tape drives ( rmt/2 and rmt/3 ) connected to a V880
for the last 2 years they where running without problems. Suddenly the
tranfer rate on one of these tape drives has gone down. While rmt/3 has
tranfer rates between 5 to 8MB, rmt/2 only reaches 1.5 to 2.3MB. If I write
data an both tapes at the same time, rmt/3 also drops his transferrate to
about 2MB. That leaves me with the fact that using only one drive ( rmt/3 )
for backup is actually faster than using both.  I already did the following:

1. Running an backup via backup software, same backup on each tape. Same
transfer rates as above. 2. Running tar manually on both drives. Same
transfer rates as above. 3. Replaced the slow drive with new hardware ( 2
times ). No improvement. 4. Checked sd.conf ( even if that are global
configurations that can not affect only one drive ).

 Has anyone an idea what happens here or where to look further ?

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