Summary : New V490's 890's

From: Lonnie Randall Webb <>
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 17:05:22 EDT
Thanks to all that answered.  Consensus is the system shows all the
cores as cpus (mpstat psrstat, etc)  Licensing in general will be per
cpu.  So effectively what is listed as a 4 processor system counts as an

Randy Webb

On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 14:16, Lonnie Randall Webb wrote:
> The  ultraspark IV processors contain two cores per chip.  For purposes
> of categorizing the system as a certain size for licensing and inventory
> I am told the size is determined by the number of processors the systems
> sees.  To me this is indicated by mpstat.  Does anyone know what mpstat
> indicates on a 4 processor chip (2 cores for each chip) V490 or an 8
> processor chip V890?  Does anyone know how Oracle is licensed on these
> new servers.
> Thanks, 
> I will post a brief summary
> Randy Webb
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