SUMMARY: Copy files to DMZ web-server

From: SysAdm <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 02:35:36 EST
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>    We've been copying files from a intranet host to our DMZ 
>    web-servers using SSH 1.2.27; scp in batch mode (scp -B) 
>    and .shosts file on web-server. SSH on web-server is only 
>    allowed from intranet; public access is blocked in firewall.
>    After having upgraded to OpenSSH2 / F-Secure SSH2 we have 
>    not managed to run SSH host-based authentication without
>    beeing prompted for password...
>    Which method(s) do you suggest for copying files from a 
>    host on our intranet to a DMZ web-server (Sun Solaris 8/9).
>    Both networks is directly attached to our firewall, No need 
>    for encryption.
>    ftp & .netrc? rsync? rcp & .rhosts?

This web-page is a good summary for what I found:

Thanks to all!!

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