Summary: running a /var/yp make from a script

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 14:12:04 EDT
I asked:

> If I cd into the /var/yp directory and type "make", it uses the Makefile
> in that directory.  I am writing a script that will do an NIS make when
> the script is run.  However, I am unable to get it to work properly. I
> have tried to put the appropriate cd command on the line above, and I
> have tried putting an "-f /var/yp/Makefile" after the /usr/ccs/bin/make,
> but I still get the error
> make: Warning: Don't know how to make target `all'
> Current working directory /opt/local/bin
> make: Warning: Target `all' not remade because of errors
> Current working directory /opt/local/bin
> *** Error code 1
> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `k'
> Any suggestions what else to try?
> TIA and I will summarize.

The answer:

I was being too anal.  I replaced "/usr/bin/cp" with just "cp" and
"/usr/ccs/bin/make" with just "make" and it works fine.

Thanks to the dozens and dozens of people who responded almost instantly.

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