SUMMARY SunRay and CAM (or kiosk)

From: Rudi van Houten <>
Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 04:39:24 EST
To all people who helped me, thank you very much.

I got the advise to read more documentation and found that
at Some interesting documents that were
not on the software CD.

And it was pointed out to me that we were on the wrong track.
The Controlled Access Mode (Kiosk mode) does not offer users
a passwordless login but gives access to a standard interface
for everyone who is sitting at the screen, that is not what we
And the smartcard does not offer authentication with the SunRay
software but only a means to identify a session so that it can
be moved to an other appliance.

So now we use normal logins, but have restricted the access to
registered cards only (utpolicy -a -g -r card -t clear).
I am now looking at the command smartcard(5) if that can enable
easy logins.

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    Automatiseringsteam / System Management
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