SUMMARY: Veritas Netbackup on Solaris 8

From: Bhavesh Shah <>
Date: Thu Aug 26 2004 - 19:09:33 EDT
Sorry for the late summary but it took me lot of time to figure this
I got only one response from Anjan Dave and very much thankful to him
for his advise however I figured out the problem.

There were two problems
1) Configuration - There is a very good document on Veritas Support site
to verify hardware configuration of Robotic drives and correct the same.

2) Hardware - One of my DLT drive was malfunctioning - It was working
fine from tar backup but used to hung while controlled from Veritas
Netbackup. Replaced with newer one.

Thanks a lot

My Original question was:

Hi Gurus,

I am new to Veritas Netbackup 5.1 and currently evaluating the product.

I installed Veritas Netbackup 5.1 on Solaris 8 box connected to Sun
StorEDGE L1000 tape Library with two DLT tape drives and it did detected
Robot and DLT drives.

The problem is whenever I try to backup it mounts the tape in the DLT
drive and hangs there forever. After sometime it downs the DLT drive
with the status "DOWN--TLD" and sits there forever. The logs on the
Netbackup gives an error code 219 which states that specific storage
unit is unavailable and gives the following solution to resolve the

1)       Verify that schedule specifies the correct storage unit and
storage unit exists - I did verified and it does shows the correct
storage unit.

2)       Verify that Media Manager Device daemon (ltid) is running -
Verified that its running

3)       Verify that Maximum concurrent drives attribute is not set to 0
- I did verified its been set to 2

4)       Verify that at least one drive is in UP state - Yes both drives
were in UP state until mount process which brings it down.

5)       Verify that robot no. and host in storage unit configuration
matches what is specified in the media manager device configuration -
robot no. 0 and host name zeno both matches.

6)       Verify that master server can communicate with bpcd process on
the server that has storage unit - This server the only master as well
as media server where L1000 is connected.

Has anyone experienced this with Veritas Netbackup? Any help will be
greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hear from you Gurus.


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