[SUMMARY] : Hard-Drive visible to probe-scsi-all but not to forma t

From: John.B.Kelly <John.B.Kelly_at_ul.ie>
Date: Tue Jun 22 2004 - 11:07:27 EDT
Hi All,

My query related to an internal SCSI HD (which was used as the boot device)
taken from a failed Ultra 2 which I was trying to read on an Ultra 1;
probe-scsi-all could see the drive but format could not. Thanks to all who

Among the suggestions were

(i) boot -r 
(ii) Check for loose cables
(iii) Check that /etc/vfstab has the correct entries
(iv) Run devfsadm
(v) Boot from a CD and check cXtXdX entries for the drive then check that
these are correct in vfstab

There wasn't a CD drive in the machine and none of the other solutions
yielded a quick solution so I decided to boot from the original Ultra 1 HD
and check if I could mount the 'Ultra 2 HD' when it was in Bay 2 of the
Ultra 1. This worked fine and I'm now copying the information to tape. 

I hope the above is useful.

John Kelly.
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