From: Rafael Angarita <>
Date: Tue Sep 14 2004 - 09:30:53 EDT
    Thanks A. Wooden,  C. Pinnock  and R. Kulawiec for your answers.

    The directive I was looking for is $GENERATE

    Original Question:

> I think there is a directive in bind to allow this and avoid to 
> declare each name explicitly, but I don't find it in the 
> documentation... it's something like "generic" I think... but don't know 
> the syntax...

    Below one of the answers:

    1. You're probably looking for $GENERATE, I think.

    2. Don't do it (the naming) this way. Do it this way:

    i.e. put all the end-user allocations (especially if they are
    cable, dialup or DSL using DHCP or similar) in a subdomain, and
    naem the subdomain something that clearly identifies as such.
    Other examples:

    Why? Because that way you will make it much easier for people
    doing DNS and/or subdomain anti-spam blocking to list only those
    and not your entire domain.

Rafael Angarita
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