SUMMARY: changing the syslog facility for in.ftpd

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 14:26:46 EDT
I asked

> This is Solaris 9, using the sun-shipped ftp (wu-ftpd).
> I want my ftp server to log to a different facility to separate those logs
> from other daemons running on this box.  I do not find where I specify the
> facility to use when using syslog.  Where do I specify such an entry?  TIA
> and I will summarize.

The solution

It cannot be done.  It is not supported by default.  My options are to
edit the source code for wu-ftpd to change the syslog facility or investigate
a more powerful syslog like syslog-ng.

Thanks to

Sun Microsystems.  I ended up opening a ticket on this.

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