SUMMARY: Reserving swap space

From: Arunachalam Jayaraman <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 09:20:52 EDT
Hello  Gurus, 

Thanks  for all who rapidly responded my question.

My Question

 I would like to reserve  some swap space not being mounted under /tmp 
> directory. Users  keep on puting their  files and  datasets and make the 

> /tmp directory full and hence the swap area. 
> So I would like to reserve some swap  space  which is not mounted under 
> /tmp directory. and only  used for  on-line swap space request from the 
> application.  How can I implement this. Please advice me 

The solutions is 

 limit size of /tmp filesystem.E.g. in /etc/vfstab

swap             -               /tmp            tmpfs           -  yes  

Say My swap partitition is 8gb large. So even with full /tmp I have 2gb 
for swaping

Thanks and Regards

Arunachalam Jayaraman ( Arun) 
Systems Operations Lead Specialist 
IBM Global Services India .com
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