SUMMARY: Boot Problem with RAID subsystem

From: John Elser <>
Date: Tue Apr 27 2004 - 16:03:11 EDT
Thanks Joe Fletcher, Chris Hoogendyk, Bruce Newcomer and Chuck for your
replies and suggestions.

A couple of people suggested that I simply put a startup script in rc3.d on
the internal drive and have it check the status of the raid system.  If the
raid system isn't running, pause and check it again.  If, after a 30 second
pause, the raid is up and ready, then reboot the system.  Otherwise send an
e-mail to notify me that there is a problem with the raid system.

Another suggestion was to us a startup script on the internal drive that puts
up a note on the console saying "really start up from internal drive?" and
then pauses for, say, 30 seconds. if no answer in 30 seconds, then issue a
reboot off the raid device. that way, you aren't locked out of booting off the
internal drive, but the switchover is automated to the raid if you aren't
explicitly asking otherwise.

Another suggestion was to use a power sequencer to make sure the raid system
is up before the system.

The last suggestion was to disable booting from internal drive; check eeprom
settings. Probably have multiple boot drives specified.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I haven't had a chance to determine which
path I'll take, but I'm sure one of these is the method we will use.

Thanks again!!!
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