SUMMARY:: yp faults on workstations (transport level create failure )

From: <>
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 10:03:56 EDT
Thanks for the answers,
Problem was solved after restarting NIS (ypstop, ypstart).


1- Hi,
please take a look at /etc/nsswitch.conf .

A working one should have entries like :
passwd: files nis
hosts:          files nis
if you have
passwd: nis files
then it can cause an delay, because the Client waits for nis timeout
before asking the local files...

2- The "su" command wants to read the entire group map; for some reason
doing that over tcp appears to fail.
If you have a "netid" map, you can speed this up by specifying:
in /etc/default/nss
I'm not sure exactly which release/patch we introduced that in.
The ypserver seems to be having trouble; you might want to restart it
(and make sure you have the latest ypserv and libthread patches)

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Subject:	yp faults on workstations (transport level create
failure )


I have several workstations(Ultra10, SunFire280) connected to a server
(SunFire 4800) (all Solaris 2.8) that uses NIS. On all the workstations
such messages below, started at the same time. When we try to switch
users with su, it takes minutes to switch, but it succeeds. Once we
manage to switch, everything works OK for the user. What may be the

Jun 24 10:22:56 oraps1 su[24765]: [ID 522829 auth.error] yp_all -
transport level create failure for domain oromc / map group.byname: RPC:
Miscellaneous tli error - An event requires attentionInvalid argument

Some answers to similar problems mention corrupted NIS maps or network


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