SUMMARY: Server boots up without login prompt

From: Bob Barkhymer <>
Date: Fri Feb 27 2004 - 07:44:03 EST
Good Morning,

There does not seem to be a solution to this other then reinstalling Solaris
although we would rather not. We continue troubleshooting the issue and I
even opened a ticket with SUN who at first said that it was impossible to
boot up without a login unless there is 3rd party software installed and it
boots to their login. But in this case it boots without any login prompt!
The mode it is in does not allow remote access and alot of commands do not
work (init 6. etc). The only other error messages when I ran a boot -v were
the following:
openwin home not set
defaulting to /usr/openwin
about to mess with ld_lib appending preset ld_lib starting up virtual buffer
on virtual disp.

Some other things tried were:
A probe-scsis-all found everything
fsck was run on all filesystems came up clean
we switched the server in troubleshooting mode which came up clean.

If there is a fix other then reinstalling Solaris I will repost the SUMMARY.



Original Post:

I have a Sunfire V480 Server with a 3310 Array that has Solaris 8 installed.
The server has been working fine until yesterday when I went to use it our
applications did not work correctly. I spoke to the person who used it last
and he said he just ran a ufsdump which completed successfully. I rebooted
the server and it comes up in Single user mode without prompting for login
or password. During bootup the message "Openwindows Enviroment may no longer
be supported". I checked /var/messages and prtdiag and did not see any
failed parts or unusual messages. Any Suggestions?
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