SUMMARY: core dump with vi and java

From: Lisa Weihl <>
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 17:37:39 EST
Well, didn't take long for someone to find my error.  A big thanks to 
Henrik Mortensen for this suggestion.

"shooting from the hip, I'd bet some overzealous system-hardening-
fan-of-little-clue changed permissions on /dev/zero from 666 to
644, but truss -f -t open -p <pid-of-process-starting-vi> should
tell you."

Sorry to say it was me that was the 
overzealous-person-of-little-clue:-)  While setting up that backup scheme I 
spoke about last week the script failed because of no access to /dev/zero. 
That was because I needed to add the backup user to the sys group.  But 
while looking for /dev/zero I just happened to notice that it was world 
writeable and hey, well, you know, that's bad:-)  Thanks for bailing me 
out.  This is the crap that happens when you are the admin for Unix, 
Windows (on which I spend TOO much time) and Mac.  Someday I keep thinking 
I'll have time to learn things more in depth.

I appreciate the other people who responded with ideas to use truss (I 
always forget about that) and/or ldd to see what it was calling and to 
check the environment variable paths.

Thanks to.....
Jason Santos
Paul Roetman
Kelly Setzer
John Malick
Michael Schulte
Frank Smith
Barbara Schelkle

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